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The cultural/lacrosse exchange of teams between Anne Arundel County and the communities of Northwest England began with the boys' first tour in 1976.  The girls’ first tour was in 1996 and has continued ever since. The girl’s exchange program was founded by Steve Willett & Steve Barry in Anne Arundel County.  On even numbered years, the Metros visit Maryland and on odd number years, the Crosse Over team travels to England. Over 1,500 Anne Arundel County youth lacrosse players have “crossed the pond” to play lacrosse and learn more about another culture.

The Anne Arundel girls are nominated by their various recreation league commissioners, coaches, as well as former players and their families. Successful candidates are chosen based on their attitude, emotional maturity, and lacrosse skills. The Crosse Over program strives to include some of the finest lacrosse players and all around individuals on the team’s roster to represent the best that Anne Arundel County has to offer. Acceptance to the Crosse Over program is a two year commitment consisting of hosting a Metro player for a Tour and traveling to visit the Metros on another Tour. The team has consisted of players from all over Anne Arundel County including representatives from Arden, BAYS, BUCS, CYLA, DAA, Elvaton, General’s Highway, GSPAA, St. John's and St. Mary’s Annapolis youth programs. We are also a "501c3 non-profit organization.

Many long lasting friendships have been forged over the years through the Tour as many former players keep in contact with each other and their families and have visited each other outside the Tour.  It is because of this the Tour’s motto is “Friendship through Lacrosse”.

Steve Willett

Tour Founder

1996 - 2021

Jeff Bunker

Co-Director / Head Coach

2017 - Present

Kelly Scott


2015 - Present

Kevin Rose

Assistant Coach

2005 - 2015, 2018 - Present

Megan Bunker

Asistant Coach / Alumni

Marisa Cole

Assistant Coach

Marisa Cole (maiden name Baldwin) is an Annapolis native turned Kent Island resident who currently coaches for the Maryland United Club Lacrosse program. She also spent a decade coaching for and serving on the Board of the Kent Island Youth Lacrosse Program. As a child Marisa played youth lacrosse for the St. Mary's rec program under Crosse Over founder Steve Willett and his wife Heidi. She also played for Notre Dame Prep in Towson, MD for high school and The Johns Hopkins University in college. She is passionate about sharing her joy of the game of lacrosse with youth girls and developing players to take their game to the next level.

Jennifer Beall

Huggy Mom

Don Harrison

Stateside Liaison

Build Lifelong Friendships

Many girls find a friend for life through the Crosse Over Program. This tour is the opportunity of a life time to form a strong bond with someone from a different part of the world through a shared love of lacrosse. Additionally, form strong connections with your teammates by experiencing new places and challenges with them.

Improve at Lacrosse

Crosse Over will will help you step up your game and improve your skills. You will work with experienced coaches and get lots of individual instruction. Additionally, you will get the chance to practice and compete with some of the best players in Anne Arundel County and in England.

Build Leadership Skills

You will build leadership skills by learning public speaking, team work, confidence and independence. You will enhance your ability to communicate with coaches and collaborate with teammates on your own.

Experience a Different Culture

There's no better way to experience a new place than with people that call it their home. You will get a full cultural experience by staying with a family in England while on tour. You will get to experience many things and see many places you normally wouldn't as a tourist. No two players will have the same experience and that's what is truly amazing about our tour.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling to a new place without family is a new experience for many girls on the Tour. But, this experience helps many girls to step out of their comfort zone and learn lots about themselves in the process. It helps them to gain a sense of independence and build special relationships with their teammates facing the same challenges. The team and coaches you travel with truly feel like a second family after touring because of the trust you build with them.

How are Players Selected and What is the Criteria for Participating?

Players are selected from submitted applications based on their attitude, emotional maturity, and lacrosse skills, in that order. We look for excellent lacrosse players who are outstanding individuals with supportive families.

Team rosters are filled by the following criteria:

1.  Athletes that have hosted English players and have not traveled to England on prior tours are
given first priority.

2.  Recommendations from coaches, commissioners, and other members of the local lacrosse community.

3.  Player Positions

When is the Tour and Who Travels When?

Traditionally, Anne Arundel teams travel to England in July of odd numbered years, England teams come to the United States in even numbered years.

Tour dates are always approximately the last two weeks of July. Anne Arundel will travel to England in 2023 and The MetroGirls will visit Anne Arundel County from approximately July 21st to August 4th in the summer of 2022.

Players from each team will host a player from the opposing team for the two-week period. Players from the opposing team attend several day trips during this time with a joint trip with the other team towards the end of the tour.

What Can I Expect During the Tour?

The visiting team will play several local rec/sponsored teams during this time with a Friendship game between the MetroGirls and Crosse Over teams at the end of the tour.

After each game, a reception will be held for both teams, their families, and attendees at the game.

We look for good lacrosse players and outstanding individuals and families to participate in the Tour. The most rewarding aspect of the tour is the development of lifelong friendships based on the experience shared with teammates and host families by touring players.

What is the Practice Schedule?

Practices usually run from early/mid-June through the week before travel. We attempt to practice as to not interfere with Club schedules.  There will not be any weekend practices.

Is Crosse Over a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Click here to watch the 2023 "Friendship Game"

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