How are Players Selected and What is the Criteria for Participating?

Players are selected from submitted applications based on their attitude, emotional maturity, and lacrosse skills, in that order. We look for excellent lacrosse players who are outstanding individuals with supportive families.

Team rosters are filled by the following criteria:

1.  Athletes that have hosted English players and have not traveled to England on prior tours are
given first priority.

2.  Recommendations from coaches, commissioners, and other members of the local lacrosse community.

3.  Player Positions

When is the Tour and Who Travels When?

Traditionally, Anne Arundel teams travel to England in July of odd numbered years, England teams come to the United States in even numbered years.

Tour dates are always approximately the last two weeks of July. Anne Arundel will travel to England in 2023 and The MetroGirls will visit Anne Arundel County from approximately July 21st to August 4th in the summer of 2022.

Players from each team will host a player from the opposing team for the two-week period. Players from the opposing team attend several day trips during this time with a joint trip with the other team towards the end of the tour.

What Can I Expect During the Tour?

The visiting team will play several local rec/sponsored teams during this time with a Friendship game between the MetroGirls and Crosse Over teams at the end of the tour.

After each game, a reception will be held for both teams, their families, and attendees at the game.

We look for good lacrosse players and outstanding individuals and families to participate in the Tour. The most rewarding aspect of the tour is the development of lifelong friendships based on the experience shared with teammates and host families by touring players.

What is the Practice Schedule?

Practices usually run from early/mid-June through the week before travel. We attempt to practice as to not interfere with Club schedules.  There will not be any weekend practices.

Is Crosse Over a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.